Vocal Lessons Wollongong


It may clear up by itself after a few days, or need antibiotics to clear the infection. You can choose a single session to start with or book a short series of lessons depending on your requirements. Although these all sound like common sense for the most part, it is important to have these rules in place in high-risk situations and dangerous environments. On the back of your satellite system, you should have a number of audio and video out connections that you will connect to the back of your home theater receiver. "she sings live on 99% of the album, which was really cool," he added. (dolly was singing to a group of waiters.

singing lessons wollongong
singing lessons wollongong

For you are the wind beneath my wings. Have you been trying to learn how to sing high notes without straining to no avail. A common cold is also known to cause sinus drainage, with its symptoms including excess fluid running out of the nose as well as at the back of the throat. Gospel, and equipping others do the same. Daily beast, “feminism is being invoked without being explored, highlighted in a million sound bites and headlines as a new universal cause but hardly connected to its worldwide applications or its every day drudgeries.  drinking warm water helps activating and soften the throat muscles making it easier to uplift your singing ranges. As long as there is money, there is corruption, right. For children, particularly in early childhood development and education. The most exceptional thing about leona lewis is that she has managed an eight year career on the back of her time on x factor.

singing lessons wollongong
singing lessons wollongong

As an adult, simba encountered his childhood friend, nala, who begged him to return to the pride lands and reestablish his birthright as king. It may seem ridiculous to pre-plan your errors, but expecting the worst is good practice for managing yourself when the inevitable occurs. “so it’s still a little crazy to me that it has come this far. Our training is promotion-focused; the japanese training is performance-focused. A slave cloaked in spanish moss looms above a river as a boatload of cotton passes. When it is considered a matter of public safety or when the public could face imminent danger, a suspect may still be questioned by police, even when they have invoked their right to remain silent. I pedal on, and from far behind me i hear his aggrieved exclamation:.

singing lessons wollongong
singing lessons wollongong

Time magazine on this very topic. As someone who writes on the internet, i know it’s difficult, nay impossible, to please everyone. Not only will it be expected of you before filing a case, but courts cost money and require very thorough and strict procedures. Slime language a song-by-song freshness, something new awaiting as each track begins, but, unfortunately, good ideas aren’t always paired with good execution. "i thought the reopening wasn't until wednesday. It's like the human voice: people have unique sounds to their voice that differ. The track opens up with these shining dramatic synth organ leads with ty dolla $ign and shirley ann lee singing triumphantly. We want to relax the neck, jaw, and muscles around the larynx, so we can avoid the unconscious reflex that pull up on the larynx when we sing high. Because i'd never give up on you.

singing lessons wollongong
singing lessons wollongong

Baptist made this clear when he called him the lamb, which takes. Do you regularly browse the web for free lessons and find help from internet forums, but get little results. That will be enough if all i know is love. Counting on you for style, brother. Unfortunately, these fools might ensure that he was actually not alive, anyway. Listening to the heart may reveal abnormal heart sounds or murmurs associated. An emotionally upsetting or serious physical event can trigger broken heart syndrome.

singing lessons wollongong
singing lessons wollongong

During a preview, mayer suggested cutting “over the rainbow” because he thought the song slowed the picture down and “our star sings it in a barnyard. With every new song you learn, our singing teachers will show you a new music concept or technique. Therefore, if parents could afford the opportunity, their children were encouraged to learn how to play an instrument. The filming is for personal use only and cannot be for any purpose for which any form of. Take a black marker pens to any cards that say
. He was less aware that she had grown strange to him, and she was momentarily able to forget the appalling stranger who had raved in her bed all night. Or that it needs to be done annually.

Sarah is four years old, and she is very immature. A song that people could easily sing along with, it is one of the first easy guitar songs that roughly goes around in only five chords namely: a minor, g, f, e7 and e minor. Hymir the wise | at the end of heaven;. Teddy gentryalabama broke new ground in the world of country music by performing as a group at a time when most country artists were solo performers backed by a band. You're not alone on this one. If you couldn't, you'd either end up in awe. That will answer your question. Julia: well, maybe you'd feel less ashamed if you changed outfits. Black blinded satan snouting way. We have three children and had experience with other tutors before.

  the mainland public security bureau could. The important part is that your attention is on your breathing and the. This love is beyond the study of theology, that old trickery and hypocrisy. I also accentuate the details of the bark and the shadow under the bird’s wing. " -- caroline sanderson, the bookseller. When you're singing to your. Which is why you have taken a break performing on the trapeze while singing "sober".

For the first time since avery was diagnosed, the family heard these kind and comforting words from her st. The vowels are very important to pay attention to: if you are having difficulty with vowels, make sure to correct it.   they do look similar, but there are some clear differences. A kid should find a song for his/her voice range. The best way to defend it is to be calm. – participation: sit with your child during some or all of their practice session and support them emotionally (and musically if you can and if they ask for it). If you are thinking that whether the animation throwdown cheats are safe to use or not.

Burckhard told huffpost of a joke cobain pulled before the show:. Maya angelou’s quote is about the way that our actions and attitudes have far-reaching repercussions, like a pebble in a pond causing waves. One was the guinness heir. Every esl student should have a pronunciation element to his language studies.  if you are a regular reader, you may recall that we do not prefer singing in english. Veg freak, but the pulao with chutney, sambhar and curd was enough to give me a. He had to know, far better than did streckfus, what his gift might do for him in the world of musical entertainment. She wears her long blond hair in two braids and shyly divulged that she was in love with her boyfriend of eight months.

We take a little data and. The younger was supposed to submit to the elder, who would obviously have more spiritual maturity. Who biographer john atkins wrote that the group's early test sessions for pye records in 1964 show that "they seemed to have understood just how important was . And a 20% tip is more customaryreply. If you don't, you don't have it down. )  why is it important to know who we are. "excellent instructor with an emphasis on proper breathing and technique.

While attending the university of delaware for my bachelor of music, i majored in applied music: voice and had the privilege of performing lead roles in sweeney todd, the pirates of penzance, the marriage of figaro, and die fledermaus. Clary's resting her head on jace's heaving chest and traces a finger over his marks and scars. The actual signature is a blob of encoded and encrypted data written into the pdf file, but it may reference a field in the document that is a graphical representation of the signature, and is known as the signature appearance. As an individual that really learn how to sing for the stage we can draw in many aspects of performance to help you empower your voice. By themselves, these accomplishments and accolades don’t necessarily add up to anything more than flavor-of-the-year status, but hill offers something that few 23-year-old superstar divas would even conceive of. And clubs and hoses, guns and jails. 5 i cried unto thee, o lord, and said, thou art my hope, my portion in the land of the living. Leader: it's late at night on the day jesus was born.

Singing helps teach kids essential learning skills. A number of monastic communities sing part or all. Singing bowls create a fantastic benefit to a lot of people. As such, i keep the reps higher as well, usually in the 8-12 range. No doubt it is not because of the picture he paints of his paternal grandmother, rose kennedy, who comes across similarly to her husband as a powerful presence and as a devoted mother and grandmother who expected much from her children and grandchildren but gave much in return. People outside of valentine’s inner circle were cognizant of these. But he gave a knowing nod to the people who, well, that’s just the thing. Another reason is that there are four ways of saying these two sounds, depending what the final consonant is. It does take a while to make this dosa as we need to keep the batter ready and this south indian masala dosa requires to make potato masala topping for the dosa. Keep your eye on this blog for further details.

"quite darling, screaming will do you no good. The instruments are also represented in photographs. It keeps everything in one place. Angels singing woke me up at 4:44 - i was awakened to an angelic choir singing. Since the second-gen august smart lock works with homekit, alexa and the google home, i used one installed in the cnet smart home to test out the nuances of each voice control platform. If i move the cursor down it goes back to full screen.

Most people who say that meditation is a joke have never tried it. Your snapchat account will be deactivated for 30 days. Make a “whiny” sound like a little child. " versatile singing artist and grammy nominee.

Singing Lessons Wollongong

South-side poet kwynology, who says hill is her favorite rapper, called it the perfect breakup song. I can sound like i’m puking while i sing as well. If the answer is no, you're all set. Identifying a good vocal coach for singing lessons is a slightly more difficult procedure than one would imagine. More experience, and more control, he learns to minimise the spinning motion. Singing is such a wonderful thing and is so prevalent in our society (yay. Sure, many singers who can belt the high notes sing songs of their favorite singers but they often end up imitating them instead; you however, with a good grasp of genres and styles, would be able to come up with a more original version of the song you like. Avc: there have been rumors a. Refuse to use strange circumstances as an excuse.

The trick is not to be right but righteous. Don’t start with a long or complicated melody. More specifically, singing is intrinsic to our human story. “when we did, it was literally like two sisters meeting – we knew everything about each other because of what the papers said. Do we handle them with love and patience or do we immediately attempt to retaliate. Be careful how they flap their wings lest they fly too high and.

I will miss each & everyone of you. He needed to go one step further. The setting of "sea of monsters" takes place at camp half blood. If you need to take them, just ensure that you are also drinking extra water to compensate for the additional dryness factor. The more i practice singing, the more i learn about technique. Vernon was released on february 6, 1939 on account of good behavior. If you do this, then the air will not flow through your body properly which won’t allow you to reach those notes outside your vocal range. Take care of the people i have around me, take care of myself. But no doubt it was all in fun as jerry seinfeld bickered with miranda sings as they recorded a new epsiode of comedians in cars getting coffee in los angeles on tuesday. Maybe these guys were boyfriends, or just guys hooking-up.

The euro-style boom on this stand makes one-handed adjustments easy, a must for any. (in fact, i have so often started the lesson with them chugging like a train as an introduction to "engine engine" that sometimes they come into the room making train noises, and then i have to tell them we are doing "bee bee" or "apple tree" instead. ("when we finished the chorus, it gave me chills," he said. In a very low pitch tune. Clown he's the funnies clown around, quick, do a trick (insert name of child) to let them show off in front of the class. Module 8: advanced strengthening & vocal techniques – provides vocal exercises for developing your vocal strength and vibrato.

Share thoughts on why these words may have especially spoken to her at that time. Children grow up with songs and rhymes and develop their first language by them. I promise to stop forgetting you, and calling you my hat, and dragging you into my fights. Overall, this is an app that really resembles learning spanish in a traditional setting (without the homework assignments and the demanding teacher. Chris martin thinks rihanna’s voice is like a beautifully squeezed tube of toothpaste. The perfect fifth is a basic element in the construction of major and minor triads, and their extensions. “i love things like a day in the life, tomorrow never knows, but i don’t really have a favorite song outside the context of a moment,” he says. I really believe working off a tee on the outer half of the plate and straight on soft toss can get him many reps to work on hitting the ball to the opposite field. Perform at an open-mic night.

I also heard some very strange views on falsetto from people who have been supposedly studying music, that's why i would like to get a clear answer. Thinks the only thing to know about elvis is that he was unhealthy and he died. They totally jumped off the deep end this night, and while there aren't any marathon jams, the jams that do exist are sublime. Mr leutfeld, head of music. How to overcome fear of flying tips. And usually only respond to them. Children under 7 generally have small hands and may find playing uncomfortable. The best way to remove nasality from your voice is to find a teacher and record yourself, so that you can understand what you are doing incorrectly with your mouth and nose. Prelude has given guidinger the confidence he needs for his singing and has helped him tremendously with skills like stage presence.

All kinds of situations: when i am getting angry and want to give. Firstly identify the style you want to learn in the singing lessons wollongong. He hears the voice singing “fate links thee. The lessons were an hour long each week, and over the course of the term i learned to sight-read, remember a lower part to sing back, how to recognise modulations to the dominant, sub-dominant and relative minor. Lesson objective: children will identify changes in familiar rhymes and songs. Lesson 3: you can do this even if you have nothing. I would like to add a little element of the game.

The main reason songs work so well is that many kids are what's called. Just between you and me, i wouldn't eat anything i just gave you. A french car : une voiture française (“une voiture” is feminine singular). Storyteller michael harvey and singer/composer pauline down ran a superb workshop ‘freeing the storyteller’s voice’. For many choral singers, sight-singing is the scariest part of an audition. You can take a demo class as well for the singing lessons wollongong because it helps you to understand. Either let the guy sing -- which he clearly can do by and large -- or do a better job of correcting him if you really think it has to be 'perfect.

“there’s still a few guys in the squad who can play 13,” hodge said. Can you toss them over your shoulder. Is our worship big enough. Her garage was stacked with boxes of every record queen ever made, every 45, tubes full of posters. Be represented as a spiral; other groups form with sudden movements forward. These methods can temporarily reduce shingles. In this surfing with the alien guitar lesson video series,  i will show you note-for-note how to play this instrumental shred classic by the great joe satriani.

You obviously couldn't find anything because zenith is spelt with a double 'n'. Sin is the emotions that must be quelled. The oldest one said, "father dear, a beautiful pearl necklace for me. Can your xbox live account get hacked. How was this affected newman's day-to-day life. Ice king in human stage. To believe you must have a personal experience with god. ”fortunately, babies come equipped with a repair kit, and can overcome the effects of stress through the natural healing mechanism of crying.

Why would a cat lay around like she's dying. The compassion and the indifference,. Because once i have persuaded him, he will stick. Dw brought these translations to the light and asked viewers to ask themselves: given the historical, spiritual, and academic evidence, are these translations and current beliefs and practices acceptable and true. At the ends of songs: pause, make eye contact with the audience and accept the applause. Sue bohlin presents her personal testimony of how christ led her to a biblical worldview understanding of her physical state. I’ve been bullied over the internet by my dad’s side of the family before. Unspeakable patience can win the victory. Calming of the brain, amongst others).

I have met some wonderful people and some very gorgeous children who all hugely benefit from coming to the classes. The pure look of terror in those poor french people. Singing techniques have to be constantly worked upon to create and maintain a new and fresh approach. You just say, don't worry, try it again, they say good, and. Find a song that fits within your vocal comfort zone. Did not believe in telling folks they were wrong, why did he rebuke the.

Every time you play something, right or wrong, your body is learning it. After all, she had done research that, if it couldn’t be used as concrete proof for an article, would steer him to the right. I presented a captive siren with a small crayfish once. Stand or sit with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Terms vary between 12 and 15 weeks, depending on school terms. That isn't a lot of time per project, so you can see how crucial it is to have a well-organized and easy-to-read display board. People usually look for a movie that the whole family can watch together. If someone can't tell you what you need to fix about your singing in a nice, constructive way then just ignore them.

So it's even more unfair that in her dying moments, webber decides to have gustave abandon christine upon hearing that the phantom is his father.   a good laugh boosts the immune system, relieves depression and stress, relaxes all the body's muscles, is good exercise for the heart and helps prevent heart attacks, it cleanses the lungs, and provides an overall sense of well being. Always the procreant urge of the world. —“chaaron taraf lage hain barbaadiyon ke mele re”—are touching, but the desperate pleading in dilip kumar’s face says it all, really. This may raise the question in the minds of some as to why i record singing in tongues for others to listen to, when neither they nor myself can understand it. Even today, people enact the burning of holika’s burning to ashes every year, to mark the victory of good over evil. The students' schedule called for 25 hours of class per week plus 3 hours of daily independent study, and their classes were generally small, with no more than 6 students.

Meaning / english equivalen: you can't teach an old dog new tricks. It is a source of national embarrassment – despite hours of lessons and listening to foreign language tapes, most of us can barely stammer our way through a simple drinks order while abroad. Ellen is annemarie's best friend. Each state has their own minimum age for flying lessons. Eric digest talks about counselors and other professionals using individualized career plans, you can develop a plan yourself. [10] although a seasoned film and stage performer who had previously done her own singing for disney in the musical film.

So when the opportunity was offered to me, i didn't say yes necessarily for myself, but i said yes for them. We then learned the next two lines. For an opera singer to project over an orchestra, then, the goal is to maximize their sound output at frequencies above 2,000 hz. At first, i thought it embarrassingly corny, and then i came to realise that it is entrancing to sing: challenging, too, because of the way it goes up and down on the scale. Have each student bring a notebook and at the end of the lesson take a minute to ask them to write in their own notebook 3 things that they need to work on for the next lesson. Ultimately, of course, that did not turn out to be the case, as kermit returned as a regular. Now to find a great baritone and a u-bass. All lessons are given by professional, insured, dbs checked teachers, and are open to all ages and ability levels.

Vocal Lessons Wollongong

The fact that some people are on a personal mission to remove the word from various public uses has nothing to do with the question - it's a simple question of fact. She also loves to sing, much to archie's chagrin. It's a takamine from the 70's. After you’ve click ok in the confirmation dialog, the available inputs will be mapped to insert tracks, starting from the selected one. The pressure was on: which of us would. Pluto posing for a photo at one of the disney parks. It does change over the years, but general features of the song remain.

We packed up our 12 children and moved to efrat, a town a short distance away but worlds apart from the isolation of the settlement. Anastasio was clearly having fun with the fact that stage banter isn’t typically part of a phish show declaring, “god we’re talking. How to sing with support. He then shows her a lesson room where only a few edel rose students may enter and tells her to look at bell, who is practicing intensely for the tournament. We’re tired of seeing four millionaire pop stars pass judgment on sweaty wannabes again and again. ” she looked at me, her face set and still. Funny little thing: back when "let it go" was still really big, abc used the st. It tends to be softer and more flexible than clear tape. Marc has been playing drums for 16 years.

” this article begins with the retelling of the “million dollar session” that occurred in december of 1956 at sun. Md: let’s go through some of the past albums and songs.   the contrast needed for the bridge of the song also involves the drums, as ringo performs a rudimentary full kit waltz-like pattern until the break, where thereby starr returns to his hi-hat beat until the song fades. It was just done over time. Gig never actually get around to playing, although they do make. These are mini-lesson done 10-15 minutes a day until all multiplication facts are completed.

I much rather be awaken by birds than the sirens and traffic from the interstate roads. Might give you some perspective if you’re in a dark place. This is just for fun, we've no professionlal aspirations. Everything time when i load up and collect my coins or when i m just looking around. ” [laughs] i wrote things in terms of what my dream would be if we had all the money in the world. “all i can say is that they were everything this miku fanatic had hoped for and more. Normally i don’t learn post on blogs, however i would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do it. With one high purpose wait the answering fire. I always push students hard to make them the best guitarist possible, but i like being able to break up their lessons with a quick anec-dote, story or joke to take their mind off what they are learning for a few seconds.

Road for nine months a year and you always have these cute little chiquitas.  i’m guessing probably not, at least not to come out of it in one piece. Today, i wish to begin a new short series on. The orator’s speech that i have heard in all the three years of celebrations of which i have been a part of, till now, have either been very inspiring or very informative or a synergism of both. I have nothing to wear. Lessons are one on one with your teacher for your chosen instrument. You will not only put the tongue in the right position, you will also train the edges of the vocal folds (thin vocal folds) and learn how to manage your breath support. Katie and i stayed friends long after this happened, but i told you about her earlier.

Donder, regardless of rudolph's defect, trains him to be a normal reindeer with skills such as gathering food and hiding from the "abominable snow monster", a giant, furry white beast. Now that's what i call sing xbox one. Viva la vida song lyrics. This look it allows me to maintain an art presentation in a fashion that looks clean. Or is it the fatal jar, again begun,. I realised that i was embarassed to be known as a morrissey fan. The truth is that prospering, professional teachers are not going to register with an agency which makes money through taking 20 to 30 percent away from every lesson payment a student makes. Then i work on their breathing (stomach goes out when breathing in and in when breathing out; chest stays put. Fans of the internet's famed clapback queen have known this to be true for quite some time now, but teigen — bless her quippy heart— just keeps on reminding them.

We put loads of care and effort into locating the piano tutor who’s going to bring out your very best. It was our last night there and i reluctantly went with my two daughters. And idina menzel and kristin chenoweth became two of my favorite musical performers. All three of these ingredients—honesty, hope, and solidarity—are necessary to suffer well, and this is why we need to be able to express our suffering in worship. Then you become a little more selective and more selective, until. Before any show or rehearsal the actor must be tuned in with their work and learn how to avoid distraction.

They didn’t know where we were until i called them again. “i hope i’m a little bit like simon cowell,” clarkson told. In my opinion, it's yet another example of how ignorant football supporters are. It will sound like a low pitch vocal breath with an air stream you feel (like wind) if you put your hand out facing you at an arm's length away. I feel that every disturbed album should have a theme, something that ties all the songs together. Take that thine is, and go thy way: i will give unto this last, even as unto thee. These questions will help you judge your voice in a way that you can do something about it.

In the first half, alison has beautiful decorations on her walls, cute curtains on her windows, flowers thriving in vases, and whimsical magnets on her fridge. The lessons must do more than merely improve the child's general health. May fittingly change style; and in some stories, style may be altered. Both rw and dg seemed to be very uninspired. How to learn guitar without physical lessons. They further assert that these words always convey the idea of instrumental accompaniment to singing, even if the instrument is not mentioned. Clear: the two words “so that” tell us that peter is about to tell us the final. Or are you now claiming to have met him in person. Perfect for beginners of all ages, you’ll learn chords, rhythm and even a touch of theory on a course that covers classic songs from every decade.

Use true piano and forte, not just mezzo-boring. I remember singing light my fire, squeezing between the diners in the restaurant and perching down on this woman's lap. While the pristine sound of my copy didn’t fit the style, assuming the final release has a bit less fidelity this is the template all bands looking to revive the early 80s sound need to follow. The first 12 people who register,. Nimipuutímt as they suddenly blossom out—like cracks in concrete. That’s why direct vocal tuition with an experienced singing teacher is such a huge benefit for anyone wanting to learn how to sing.

’ i told him i liked the ones with all the moods, like that great country song ‘love me’. Informative and interactive while incorporating props and. It may happen that your microphone will stop working because of an accidental fall or for another reason unknown to you. Teaches singing and trumpet lessons in fairborn, oh. The improvement in my skills are very much worth the investment and saved me lots of time and vocal damage which i would have experienced had i tried to figure things out on my own. You don't have to plan out exactly what you will do each day, but if you start every day with this goal in mind, it can help you get into the habit of thinking about how you can be kind to others. Pursuing jesus first, he leads and inspires the saddleback worship family with purpose. We are seeking a piano teacher with their own piano studio to teach lessons near amarillo. Since many people were not born with an over sized adams apple, getting such a voice will need that you put in some time and effort to train your neck muscles and vocal cords to produce the desired tone quality you want.

There was no shaming of those who struggled but it was a good visual for students and a good motivator to at least practice their times tables. The soil must be cleared of tares and. As well as honing our repertoire each week, we include time for development of vocal skills by teaching aspects of vocal technique and performance, an ongoing part of our commitment to sing and perform well with skill and passion.  when we really know him, we will discover that which truly makes us happy and fulfilled. Head then tap twice near the ground. As a locally owned and operated vocal studio, i am committed to providing a comfortable environment for my students that is conducive to them overcoming obstacles in the way of their success. She struggles for a long time --- she does not know who she cares for more. When your arm and hand are tensed, you can’t do the right vibrato movement.

Not so the tracks of disobedience stretch. The rhythm is precisely that of the letter v in morse code, and for that reason, it was a signal used by the allies in wwii (what’s the german word for irony. Top 50 maui attractions & maui activities article. "we're going to get to know her," morris promises. For example, "kare ha ringo to banana o katta. How are you attempting to deal with this vocal challenge. Taking voice lessons allows students to develop a dedication and persistence as they set a schedule for practicing and coming in for weekly voice lessons, a skill which can be implemented in other areas of their lives. And we heard paul rodgers' vocals through the pa system. It seems a thing to wonder on,. Shortly after birth): catharina dorothea, wilhelm friedemann and carl.

If you are aiming to become a performing artiste of the piano, bear in mind that 4 million chinese, mainly youngsters, are learning the instrument. There should be no pressing, tension, straining, reaching, or grabbing when vocally active. Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me. The episode's musical style varies significantly. Through fun and dynamic activities, student will learn the basic foundations of vocal technique and ensemble singing, such as breath control, harmony, melody, pitch, blending, and tone.

Attending one lesson does not oblige you to attend all of them. “parents have the opportunity to learn how to incorporate different activities into their own routine with their child. Flew on commercial airlines were frightened at least sometimes. The poor animal was wooden and irresponsive, and despite my best efforts i was unable to communicate with him. Checks and money orders should be made payable to: . It’s been years since i’ve did a drama movie.

Manage stress in your life as this is also one cause of weak vocal chords. With proper techniquie this bowl keeps vibrating for minutes even after stopping striker to rotate around bowl’s rim. Let it go lyrics - idina menzel . And hear those who cry out in pain and desolation: r. All drugs should be legal. At sing sing, crewes says he isn't surprised to see gregson there; he has read about the murders in the newspapers and believes its only a matter of time before his innocence is proven.

Vocal Lessons Wollongong
Who's questions freaker, who r u. There is a strong sense of community within the group and i...